Concrete Leveling

image 11What is concrete leveling?

 Concrete Leveling is the process of hydraulically lifting an existing slab of concrete back into its original position.  For many different reasons concrete floors can become un-leveled or shift and become wavy. They can develop humps and stall which can create problems.

 Saving the existing concrete is the most economical way to provide an even, safe surface. Leveling a concrete slab before it’s too damaged ensures that the existing concrete will be around for years to come. In addition to the lower cost, compared to concrete replacement, there is minimal downtime associated with leveling existing concrete.

 Leveling concrete involves floating the slab up in small increments, which allows a controlled lift, and provides the best protection for the concrete. Concrete leveling services are best performed by experienced professionals that understand the right mix of materials and equipment to use in order to protect the integrity of the concrete without any damage to nearby structures.

 We are fully insured, and all our work comes with a one year guarantee. We use only high quality crushed agricultural limestone to create a strong durable base. By leveling your concrete instead of replacing it, you can save 30-70%of the cost.

 We provide commercial and residential concrete services for the following:

  • Apartment complexes
  • Driveways
  • Garage and basement floors
  • Steps and walkways
  • Porches
  • Patios
  • Any concrete slabs

 Concrete leveling is a permanent solution to uneven concrete, and offers a number of clear-cut advantages over replacement.

 Advantages referencing self leveling concrete:

  • Fast – Install in the evening and reopen for business the next morning. Virtually zero downtime.
  • Colorful – Brilliant integral colors, and unique surface treatments.
  • Creative – Incorporate other design components, including colored metal strips, wood planks, stone, etc.
  • Strong – 6100 psi compressive strength. Withstands heavy foot traffic, even rubber wheel forklift traffic.
  • Durable – Outlasts most floor coverings. Resists moisture.
  • Versatile – Install form 1/4″ to 2″ in a single application over existing concrete surfaces.
  • Economical – Costs less than traditional floor coverings. Low maintenance costs.
  • Environmentally Safe – Portland cement based. No solvents, no epoxies, novapors, no hazards!
  • Self Drying

 By utilizing our in-depth experience, the industry’s most specified self leveling concrete toppings, and underlayment’s, we will help reduce the time it takes to open your doors for business.  If your taste runs on the creative side, we will work with you and your architect to reduce the time on the design cycle.We offer limitless flooring design concepts, available for any residential or commercial retail setting.

 Furthermore, self leveling concrete toppings offer an array of advantages over a traditional poured concrete installation when considering one or the other as a finished floor.

 To learn more about the flooring solutions available to you when installing self leveling concrete toppings, and any related warranty information, please contact us at (480) 435-9731